5 Trending Ways To Market Vacant Properties

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Are you looking for the most innovative ways to market your vacant properties?

Like any good investor you’ve probably bought advertising space in newspapers and magazines for your properties. Hosted open houses and ensured that the Zillow listings are all up-to-date. You’ve perhaps even added your properties to social media listing sites. Not forgetting hanging that all-important sign in front of the property. However, you’re not alone in this game. What can you do, to set yourself apart from your competition?

Here are 5 of the trending ways to market vacant properties in 2019. 

  1. Get a knockout copywriter

    No one has time to read a boring, matter-of-fact property listing. You want to engage peoples’ emotions. Did you know that we buy based on our emotions and then justify using logic? In fact, Harvard professor Gerald Zaltman put it this way, “Emotion is really what drives peoples’ purchasing behaviors, and ultimately their decision making.” So what does this mean for your vacant properties? Entrust the write-ups to a professional copywriter who has proved their worth. 

  2. Get killer property images

    It is a universal saying that we all generally agree on that first impressions matter – and where real estate is concerned – matter a great deal. According to the National Association of Realtors, the average home buyer will view just 10 properties in person before they make a decision to buy. 

    Before these potential buyers schedule an in-person visit, 95% of them will have first done a search online. The power of images can therefore not be underestimated. Don’t rely on taking your own photos unless you have some experience as a professional photographer. 

  3. Pixel your visitors

    When people visit your websites and spend a certain amount of time checking out your listings, you can tag this particular listing and the photos associated with the listing for pixeling. Retargeted pixel is a technique where pixels are attached to people who visit your website. Even if they leave without reaching out to you, the particular listing they viewed on your website will keep appearing in their ad sections as they continue to browse the web. 

    This happens because they have been pixeled. In a study carried out by Think With Google, one company reported an astounding 1300% ROI using pixeling as a marketing strategy. It’s worth noting that you can only pixel people when they visit your own website. Therefore, you might want to consider setting up a website to list your own vacant properties.

  4. Promote the neighborhood

    A property isn’t an island. If the property is situated in a location that boasts great amenities such as colleges, beaches, malls, or landmark features, sell these in your listing. Make the neighborhood and the area as appealing to whoever your target buyer or renter is.

    If you’re target young couples with children, talk about the safety of the neighborhood, schools in the vicinity, parks and other features that would make the house and the area attractive to this group of people. 

  5. Offer virtual tours

    Perhaps your ideal buyer is currently living on the other side of the country, or even of the world! How best can they see your property if they are not able to visit it in-person? Take advantage of today’s myriad technologies and host virtual house tours.

    Offer a room-by-room virtual tour of your vacant property focusing on key features in each room, be this a high ceiling, lighting fixtures, high windows, or exquisite flooring. Show potential buyers or leasers what your property’s best features are.

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Have you been able to successfully market your vacant property? How did you go about it? Leave your comment below!